Monaco part III


So we know that luxury cars in Monaco have become the ordinary ones, and that there is a kind of specialization¬†between them. But not every car is an ordinary one and not to everyone. There is one type of people in Monaco who are amazed seeing Lamborghini or Rolls-Royce. These are the tourists. Can you see this crowd in front of the opera in Monte Carlo? You think it’s a line to the opera? Hahaha. You wish. These people are standing there for other kind of culture. They are standing there to take two pictures of every car parking there. First picture of the car alone (it’s not possible with the crowd of people strolling around the cars, but you can always try) and second with him/her standing next to the car. So we have had one question answered. Why to go to Monaco? To take a picture of the cars, the cars you can’t see in your town and your neighbourhood.

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