Most people!

Most people, ten years from now, same job, same place, same routine. Everything the same. Just keeping it safe over and over and over. Ten years from now. Man, you don’t know where you’ll be ten minutes from now . . .

(from Collateral movie)


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Strolling in Antibes port, France

a boat in Antibes port

Antibes in France. I’m strolling in the port, watching huge boats and yachts moored there and out of the blue it hits to me. Where are all these people? They left. But how? With their cars? And then my eyes catch this big boat which is bigger than my house :-) And I wonder if I had such boat what car I’d like to have to take me to the city center for nice dinner with my wife? BMW, Mercedes? What? No,no!!! It should be something which would make me different among these big boats, big cars, big egos etc. Something like this would fit I guess…


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Brazilian Cardinal in Hawaii


Native to South America, Brazilian Cardinal has a distinctive red head, crest and throat while the back, wings and tail are gray. These are the first birds to sing in the morning when you have strong hangover and need to rest. They unfortunately nest in trees high above the ground, so you can do nothing much about them singing the morning song :-)

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Sunset at Big Sur


I remember Big Sur as one of these places where you drive your car and you feel free. Plus, not like in the big sky countries (like Ohio), you have quite nice ocean view. Really, time well spent.

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No shooting from roadway


It might not be so obvious for everybody so I emphasize this. If you’re going to spend your holiday in Alaska remember, you are not allowed to shoot from roadway under any circumstances whatsoever. It’s civilized country, not your neighborhood where you can shoot everywhere to anything :-) .

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Espresso drive thru


It’s obvious that McDonald’s has drive thru, but I was surprised seeing coffee drive thru in Alaska. Plus it was so colorful :-)

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Monaco part VIII

So what Monaco is really like? Of course you can visit Monte Carlo, take pictures like the one below and after coming back home say to your friends how beautiful place on Earth it is.


But the truth is that it is the town of concrete. Without the soul whatsoever. The crowded city of many people who have to fit between the sea and the mountains. Frankly speaking I don’t see the point in coming back there again. Maybe only as a millionaire:-)


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Monaco part VII (cars of Monaco)

  Old automobile on the street of Monaco

There are cars in Monaco which are undiscovered by the crowd of tourist and I blame our culture for it. I’m sad seeing them parked somewhere at the corner, no one even stops to take a look. It would take only a few seconds to share your time with them. These are the cars with the souls. No? It’s too much…

Old Fiat parked on the street of Monaco

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Monaco part VI


So what car do you need to drive in Monaco to stand out from the crowd of Ferraris, Bentleys and other ordinary cars? It should be something extraordinary, right? And what car can you name extraordinary among luxury cars and ordinary cars? The answer is – something which looks like home made car. Something which makes other people smile when seeing you drive. Something which makes you proud when a guy like me wants to take a picture of you driving your beloved automobile :-)

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Monaco part V


There are celebrity cars in Monaco, like Lamborghini. But there are also cars nobody cares. Even tourists. Take this porsche for example. I stood there for 20 minutes. Nobody even looked at this car not to mention taking picture of it. Porsche? It’s so common:-). How you change your perception of the world when you cross the Monaco border?! In your country it would be your dream car. Here? Nothing… Life is hard, even for cars :-)

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